Learn to Love your Job Again (or maybe for the first time)

Do you love your job? Do you go to bed late on Sunday night because the thought of going to work on Monday morning has your stomach filled with knots and your mind filled with dread? Like so many other people, do you need a glass of wine moments after walking in the door from work so you can “unwind” and try to forget about work and enjoy your evening? Does Wednesday seem to go on forever with no end in sight as you long for the weekend when you can finally enjoy your few hours before having to start the workweek all over again?

If your answer is “yes” you are not alone. 

Many people just like you experience this every day.  Many have just accepted that this is how life is and that only a very select few have the privilege of working in jobs that they actually enjoy. But this is a tragedy and does not have to be true!  

It is only true if YOU decide that it is true!

Welcome to Tri-Life’s very first blog! This blog is going to explore how you can learn to love your job again.  Some people need to change their job because they are not doing something that matches their strengths, their values and their passions, but more often the job is not the problem or the solution. 

In fact, most people don’t even know what their strengths, values and passions are! Ask yourself this question right now:

What are your three greatest strengths?  What would you consider your top three values?  And finally, what three things are you most passionate about? 

Take your time.  Really let the questions register.  To begin, you may want to ask a few people close to you about what they feel your greatest strengths are. 

Isn’t it kind of sad that you can’t rattle these off quickly?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t invest much time thinking about these types of questions.  Consequently, this is why many of us don’t actively look for fulfilling jobs and even when we find great jobs we are not fulfilled.  Understand, your job will never make you happy until you learn how to be happy.  Being truly happy and fulfilled requires knowing yourself; knowing your strengths, values and passions and designing a plan for intentionally employing them in your job. 

So often people focus on finding jobs that pay the highest salary and offer the greatest benefits only to find a short time later that they are unhappy and unsatisfied. Many are quick to blame their company, their supervisor or their co-workers when this happens.  Or they blame the market, the culture, or the policies and procedures.  But most often these issues are not to blame; they are! Because if you are not aware of your strengths, your values and your passions, and if you are not prepared with a plan to intentionally exercise these in your current work role, you will never really find joy and passion in your work.

Taking responsibility for your own work happiness is the first step towards enjoying Monday’s again.  It really is possible to love your workweek as much as you love your weekend. 

My Job Is Great!

So here is the Tri-Life challenge we encourage you to take:

  1. Discover and list your three greatest strengths.   
  2. Write down the three values you hold as the highest in your life.
  3. Explore and narrow down your three greatest passions.

Next: Develop a plan for how you can intentionally exercise these in you current position at work right now.

Now go and do it

If you would like to know more about Tri-Life and how we could come to your workplace and help you shift your work culture from tolerating work to being passionate about work, please contact us.