What makes you happy?

Why do some people just LOOOOOOVE their job?

Is it because of a good manager?

Is it because of good pay?

Is it because they are working their dream job??

Is it the hours?

Or is it the money?!

The surprising answer:  None of the above!

The real reason people are happy, or unhappy as the case may be, at work (and life) is because of a choice to be happy!  That’s right – its a choice; the same way you choose to wear blue jeans with a soft white T-shirt or your brown corduroys with a blue vest. It is always a choice.  Some choices take intentional effort and some are just ‘habit’ but almost everything we face, we enact, we say, think, feel or do in our life is a choice!

There are many outside influences and factors that affect your happiness and fulfillment but you have the ability and full control AKA the “choice” to allow those influences to enter your life!

What choices are you making today?

Are you being intentional?


Here isa link to an entertaining but very poignent video about happiness & success at work from Shawn Achor’s TED TALK:

The Happy Secret to Better Work!