Our Purpose

  • To wake people up to their full potential
  • Help people intentionally become the team members they know they can be
  • Help businesses learn to eliminate the fear that has been blocking their path to success

Our Philosophy
Ideas & Process

Tri-Life recognizes that many employees do not look as forward to Monday morning as they do to Friday afternoon, but changing your perspective about work can change your reality. It’s not your employers fault you hate Mondays, it’s yours! So do something about it. Recognizing that Monday morning can represent an opportunity to use your strengths, values and passions in a meaningful way can create energy and perspective that may not have existed before.

Join with Tri-Life and learn to love your job again!

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We build emotionally happy and productive workplaces with less absenteeism and more collaboration, cooperation and satisfaction!


Your way of thinking develops your perspective and your perspective becomes your reality.

brings the most current research and practices from psychology, healthcare and change management to the business world. We provide the training for individuals to discover their best selves and create unique ways to bring their skills, values and passions to their workplace.

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How you feel is a direct response to how you view your world.

Everyone has unique strengths but many have not been given the opportunity to fully recognize them.  All employees have the ability to shine and Tri-Life recognizes that a person’s true virtues will express themselves in the right environment.  Employees present their most passionate selves when they are invited to express their strengths and curiosity, which gives their jobs meaning.

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Our attitudes, behaviours and actions are the result of the positive and negative thoughts we focus on.

Tri-Life uses specially developed tools to help employees uncover their strengths, their values and their passions, and helps individuals find unique ways to use these in their current job descriptions.  We have termed this Value Based Employment which allows all employees to take responsibility for their own work satisfaction.  Join with Tri-Life and learn to love your job again.

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Tri-Life Services


Corporate Wellness
Consulting & Team Building

Our services are custom designed for each business environment.  Tri-Life has created a unique set of tools to survey your workplace culture, the unique needs, skills, and processes of each workplace.  We have created tools to engage and hear perspectives from the owner / operator / management group and we have created tools to engage and hear perspectives from the staff/employees group.

With our analysis and review we design individualized corporate solutions to raise each group to its highest potential.  We use many tools and processes in our designs and can work with businesses wanting short-term one day interventions to more long-term week long interventions.

Empower your business and employees with Tri-Life.

Tell us about your business and make positive change.